Project Management

We adopt a balanced approach acting as Client representative in facilitating and managing various stakeholders to set and achieve the ideal project requirements.

Strategic Planning

This is ideally carried out at the initial stages of the project when the decision to “Go Ahead” is taken. NEYO’s senior team gets involved in this crucial planning stage to understand the Clients requirement and the stakeholders involved in decision-making process. The strategic planning is done through collaborative interaction sessions aimed at drafting an appropriate master schedule for design and construction , approvals strategy ,qualitative project brief , a project specific project management plan , contract procurement and work packaging strategy.

Procurement and Tendering

Selection of the right design and construction team is one of the fundamental elements for the project success and NEYO places a lot of importance on this key aspect. Based on the agreed Procurement Strategy NEYO’s team shall diligently manage the process of selecting the design team, the liaison team and the contractors. This shall include drafting effective tender documents with international standards customised to suit local conditions and managing the process in an effective and auditable manner with the objective of getting the Client the best team for a competitive price.

Design Management

The service involves setting up and managing the design development process by clearly defining the design deliverables at each stage and monitoring them. NEYO’s PM shall conduct review meetings at appropriate frequency to ensure the process is carried out in a well-coordinated manner and ensuring the information flow between the various stakeholders happens in a timely manner. The scope also involves commenting on key design aspects from a benchmark perspective and also facilitate and implement structured value engineering workshops to achieve the best possible design solution.

Contract Administration

One of the key ingredients for achieving the project objectives is a conflict free environment. This service scope primarily aims at that by structuring the contracts in a simple, concise, balanced manner and by administering them well for smooth operation of the contracts from commencement until completion and handing over. Adequate contract documentation including all key communication, deliverables, reports and contract forms and certificates shall be maintained from an audit perspective. Web based documentation tools shall be used for sharing and storing documentation depending on specific project needs.

Construction Management

This service is offered for internal fit out projects and shall include managing the contractors and vendors to ensure timely performance of works and supplies to the standards and specifications specified in the contract. This is carried out through proper site management, vendor coordination, detailed micro planning and monitoring, conducting weekly meetings, managing the snagging and handing over process acting as an interface between the Client’s facilities team and the contractors. An appropriate, project specific health and safety plan is prepared prior to commencement of site works and they are monitored closely throughout the construction duration.